Customise your golf clubs and make every stroke on the golf course a reason to celebrate. 

During a club fitting we measure the height and distance of your swing stroke allowing us to tailor your golf clubs to the way you play on the course and on the range. 

A golf club fitting can take up to 30 minutes for a single club and up to an hour and a half for a full set. The price of a club fitting is fully refundable if you purchase golf clubs from the Pro Shop (some conditions may apply). We fit out most clubs including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. 

Club fittings are completed onsite at the Pro Shop. 

How a Fitting Works

The club fitting begins with an analysis of your swing using equipment such as face and lie tape and launch monitors. 

Through tracking the tiny differences in movement between players on a launch monitor, we can track the angle, speed and strength of each stroke. Face and lie tape marks the spot where your club head has hit the ball, allowing us to adjust the club head to the perfect spot for your stroke style. 

Our fitting expert takes this data and uses it to adjust the shaft, head, flex, club length and grip type of the club. We also analyse information about:

•    The ability of the golfer
•    Improvement goals
•    Club head size and design
•    Loft and lie design
•    Length
•    Shaft material, flex and kick point
•    Overall club weight
•    Swing weight
•    Grip type and thickness
•    Distance gaps between clubs
•    Bounce angles (for wedges)