Individual Lessons

Book an individual lesson with a Golf Academy coach and learn how to play like a pro. 

PGA professionals Brian Fitzgerald and Golf Athletics take golfers of every ability through the foundational techniques of golf, including a swing analysis and the option to have the lesson on-course.

Brian Fitzgerald Lesson Fees  
30 Minute Lesson (Junior) $60
30 Minute Lesson (Adult) $75
60 Minute Lesson (Adult) $150
Package of Five 30 Minute Lessons (Adult) $350

Book online, contact the Pro Shop on (03) 9801 4479 or email Brian at

Golf Athletics Individual Lessons

Our 1 on 1 lessons use a consultative coaching approach, this includes an in depth analysis of your goals and current game. From this we can best direct your learning, providing you with not only technical analysis, but a training program, all aimed at achieving your scoring goal.

Consultative Coaching Training Packs Include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Game Assessment
  • Filming of Swings (in person or do it yourself option)
  • Video Package (inc. technical analysis, fixes & drills)
  • 4-week training program
  • 30 minute check in session (check in session can be used at any stage during the month, recommendation is straight after receiving video package and training program so we can take you through it)
Golf Athletics Lesson Packs  
One off pack $250
3 pack $600
6 pack $1100
12 pack $2000

Each pack has an expected time frame of 5 weeks - 1 week assessment and 4 weeks of training.

Add on extras:

  • 30 minute check in session, with a coach in person or over video call - $50
  • 1 hour check in session, with a coach in person or over video call - $100

For more information, lesson options and pricing, contact Golf Athletics on 1300 365 837 or email