Beginner Classes

Group classes are run by Golf Athletics, a golf school dedicated to making golf accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

Starter Course

Our 5 Week Starter is the first of our courses, where you learn the core fundamentals to play the game. This class is ideally suited to students who have never played golf before, wanting to join our academy and start their golf journey. We’re a dedicated school for students of all ages and teach with a carefully designed golf curriculum. We aim to make golf easy and fun to learn, teaching core skills over 5 consecutive weeks. Suitable for: Beginners, inexperienced players, players who need advice on grip, stance and swing.

  • Group Size: Max 6
  • Course Cost: $200
  • Course Length: 5 x 1 hour sessions.

All equipment can be provided.

Golf Essentials

Golf Athletics presents to you the ‘Golf Essentials’ classes. Perfect for players who are just starting out or an experienced golfer that wants to brush up on the basics. Learn and understand the skills of golf with our structured group classes.

Golf Essentials is separated into 2 blocks of 6 classes. Block 1 covers the short game (putting, chipping and pitching) and block 2 covers the full swing (irons, f/way woods and driver). We recommend completing block 1 first as it provides a great foundation for block 2. We provide technical advice to learn each skill and progressive drills and games to measure development.

Suitable for: new golfers with correct grip, stance and an idea of each type of shot in golf, experienced golfers looking to improve their fundamental skills. Group size: max 6 Course cost: $240 Course length: 6 x 1 hour sessions.

All equipment can be provided.

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