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Morack Golf Course Morack Golf Course
Morack Golf Course
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Morack Golf Course Morack Golf Course Morack Golf Course
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Morack Golf Course

OUT OF BOUNDS - Beyond any fence, white posts/ stakes with black tops bounding the course including: practice range, car park, curators area. Rule 27–1

WATER HAZARDS – All water hazards are lateral water hazards and are defi ned by red posts/stakes. Drains and surface ditches are integral parts of the course.

TREES AND SHRUBS – If a tree or shrub under two club lengths in height interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player must take relief under Rule 24–2. immovable obstruction and the ball may be cleaned.

BUNKERS – Grassed banks adjacent to all bunkers are closely mown areas and relief for an embedded ball in the grassed banks may be taken under Rule 25–2.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR – Areas defined by white stakes, white lines and/or G.U.R. signage and includes garden beds (with timber borders or channeled edges), course staff earthworks and wheel marks.

OBSTRUCTIONS – All barrier hoops are movable obstructions. Rule 24–1.

Immovable obstructions – include: constructed pathways and their integral drainage, retaining timber logs in bunkers, protective fences, all stakes and barriers, sprinkler heads and tap covers. Rule 24–2.

PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULEStroke play – 2 strokes. Match play – loss of hole.

  • Maximum of four players per group
  • No alcohol to be consumed on the course
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn (no singlet tops, thongs or workboots)
  • Groups fallling a hole behind must call through
  • Ground staff have right of way
Morack Golf Course
Morack Golf Course 
Morack Public Golf Course is proudly operated by Golf Services Management This is the official web site of Morack Golf Course,  part of the City of Whitehorse Council ©2009.
379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131
Tel: 9262 6333  Fax: 9262 6490
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